The GHOL Discretionary Trust (PVO)

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The GHOL {Get High on Life Discretionary Trust} is A foundation which provides an oasis of hope and healing for people who suffer from disorders such as addiction, depression, anxiety, alcoholism, and the other mental health disorders human beings fall prey to along their journey in life. We offer a unique one on one experience for our clients. Our primary recovery function is the rehabilitation of addicts and alcoholics which takes place in our residential facility, located in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe.

GHOL Recovery from addiction services Zimbabwe offer non-clinical pure recovery principles to help the addict/alcoholic who still suffers.

We mentor our clients on a one on one basis, leading them through the program of recovery with empathy and compassion.

We share a deep understanding of a common problem with our clients and offer a powerful solution that we share in harmonious action with everyone we work with.

At GHOL in everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo of what the world of recovery has to offer. Our methods of achieving recovery from addiction are simple, powerful and life changing. We believe in ourselves and the work we do with addicts, as our very own lives depend on serving others every day.

Need help with your addiction problem? We believe that the only qualification that can help an addict recover is one addict who has recovered helping another addict who is in trouble.

Addiction/Alcoholism is one of the most misunderstood primary disorders in the world and addiction in Zimbabwe is gathering momentum to alarming proportions.

For an understanding and empathetic experience please contact us:

Paul – Phone +263 772594709 or email pnobes65@gmail.com

We handle all enquiries with the strictest of confidence.

Paul Nobes

Author, Addictions Specialist.

Paul Nobes a true visionary and a pioneer in the 12 Step Recovery Retreat model. As a result of his 22 years in recovery from addiction and passion for helping and mentoring alcoholics and addicts, Paul dared to challenge the status quo of a very unsuccessful treatment model used by traditional rehabilitation facilities around the world. He realized the world did not need another traditional rehab, the world of recovery from addiction needed an effective solution!

As a result, Paul has created and successfully run the world’s first 12 Step African Wilderness Recovery Retreat. By utilizing the splendour and magic of the African Wilderness, addicts and alcoholics experienced a life changing recovery event in an environment of peace and tranquillity, whilst being mentored through the powerful 12 Step program by Paul and his co mentors.

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