Escape The Prison Of An Unmanageable Life

Step One – Admit You’re Life Is Upside Down or Perish  I used to think that winning any battle was to defeat one’s enemy. I now know that one has to surrender to one’s own weakness in order to achieve victory.  I believe that the greatest enemy to mankind is his ego. The ego separates theContinue reading “Escape The Prison Of An Unmanageable Life”

The Mental Darkness Of Addiction

The problem of the addict centers in his mind. Feeding The Dark Wolf I have this internal condition that condemns me to seek approval from others every day of my life. It is a never ending internal dialogue of desperate need to be accepted, liked and loved for who I am. Yet I have noContinue reading “The Mental Darkness Of Addiction”

The Alcoholics Physical Reaction To Alcohol

Why The Alcohol Lacks The Power Of Choice and Control Over Alcohol   Ever wondered why once you have one drink, ten or twenty are not enough? Why is it that normal drinkers can have one or two drinks, walk away satisfied and yet the alcoholic is just getting warmed up after two and cannotContinue reading “The Alcoholics Physical Reaction To Alcohol”

Alcoholism – The No 1 Reason For Relapse Is Not Understanding The Problem

Understanding The Primary Disorder Called Alcoholism  We suffer not from the events in our lives. But from our judgement about them! – Epictetus  Lost In the Wilderness of Addiction “The alcoholic suffers from an obsession of the mind that condemns him to drink against his will” – Dr William Silkworth Alcoholism Part One – The MentalContinue reading “Alcoholism – The No 1 Reason For Relapse Is Not Understanding The Problem”

Step Zero: Willing To Go To Any Lengths

“If you want what we have and are willing to go to any lengths to get it, then you are ready to take certain steps.” We are told before we start working the program of recovery that we need to be “willing to go to any lengths” to overcome our addiction. Why do we needContinue reading “Step Zero: Willing To Go To Any Lengths”

An Addict In Abstinence

The Emotional Predator In Me Below is a description of the restless, irritable and discontent condition of the alcoholic/addict once in a state of abstinence from alcohol or drugs. In other words this is what happens in the mind of a sick, suffering and untreated alcoholic/addict once he stops drinking or using drugs: Although IContinue reading “An Addict In Abstinence”

Ignorance To Addiction Sparks Death

Ignorance – The No 1 Killer of Addicts Unfortunately addiction is the world’s number one cover up operation, dominated by misinformation, shame, guilt and ignorance to the disease. An addict takes his/her own life and the world is appalled at the selfishness of such a tragic act of ultimate self-will. The judgements and opinions ofContinue reading “Ignorance To Addiction Sparks Death”

The Descent Into Addiction

Addiction – The Destruction of Everything Good in Life Very slowly an uncontrollable feeling of dread and loss of control slowly descends upon the family. What once was a happy and functional group, gradually begins to break down in the impending great cover up operation of secrets, lies and deceit. This leads to an emotional,Continue reading “The Descent Into Addiction”

Live a Life That Matters

Live a Life That Matters Appreciating what you have and not having any kind of expectations of other people is self empowerment. Putting value on my self-awareness way above the opinions other people have of me, is the key to true inner freedom. It is the gateway to living a life that matters. Ready orContinue reading “Live a Life That Matters”

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