🔥Self Love There is a commandment that just about every person has knowledge of… Love thy neighbor as thyself. Not much of that going on in the world today. But what about the second part of this commandment?… As thyself? This is my take on it… In order to love others I must first loveContinue reading “Self-love”


🔥 Self-sacrifice There is a simple spiritual law of averages… Without self-sacrifice no surrender can take place… It is impossible to surrender to anything in life without practicing the skill of self-sacrifice. I used to verbally declare I had surrendered, but in reality I hadn’t sacrificed nor was willing to sacrifice the false beliefs thatContinue reading “Sacrifice”


🔈Message For The Day The Basic Requirements For Sanity Sanity – To see and report things a they are. Seeing things accurately and reporting them truthfully. The 2 basic requirements to be restored to sanity are honesty and taking responsibility. Honesty is heavily emphasized in the Big Book for a reason… The common language ofContinue reading “Sanity”