Walking on Fire

The Journey Back From Chronic Pain and Suffering


What a remarkable book this is!  The vivid descriptions of African scenes of drama, excitement and danger introduce a comparable reality.  This is one of the pulls of the book – to exaggerate or dramatise often allows humour and real proportion to enter the scene – so important in a field like pain which can be terrifying for the sufferer – way beyond any sensible proportion.  So his humour is such a key and a release.

The author’s courage in outer circumstances, his daring in both inner and outer senses also set a pitch to aim at and play upon; and so realise that one is actually daring and courageous oneself!   This is often not acknowledged by one’s professionals – just how steep is the incline and how much credit is due.  He also addresses the pity and guilt questions which can weigh so heavily on the person from both inside and out, as if there weren’t enough to contend with.

The way the author admits and describes his own emotional life is also refreshing – letting it out so it doesn’t again add to the burden but can begin to transform into something constructive.  I’m always telling people that anger is only fire in the wrong place – and fire is will; and will can warm and change stuck situations, as he explains, when you bring it into control.

This is a  VERY remarkable book indeed.

Dr David McGavin GP with Special Interest  Pain Management


Paul’s soon to be published Spirit On Fire The Journey Back From Addiction

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A heart felt personal journey through recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. This book delivers a deep and enriching experience with the 12 Step program of recovery. Clear cut and precise instructions enhanced by metaphorical stories in the African bush, delivers to any one who suffers from addiction a way out of the hole they find themselves in.

This is Paul’s experience of a 17 year journey of failure and success walking the journey of recovery from addiction.

Paul is the founder of the GHOL (Get High On Life) Recovery Retreats Trust in Zimbabwe, separating addicts from their suffering.

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