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ūüĒ• What Will Drive You Today?

Alcoholics are driven people…

Driven by fear…



This is the result of a selfish, self-centered nature that needs to be constantly gratified just to feel ok.

But what if the alcoholic were to change drivers?

What if you were driven by selflessness?

Driven by the motive to serve others needs and not your own selfish needs?

What if you were driven by the divine principle of…your life is not about you?

What if when driven by the motive to live and serve outside of your own selfish means, you tap into a power that completes the incompleteness in you?

A simple yet very powerful remedy to the alcoholic’s dilemma of lack of power:

What will drive you today?

Your need to serve your own selfish, self-centered needs where there is no power on offer?

Or will you be driven by the need to serve outside yourself and help God’s kids were all the power you need is on offer?


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