A New Attitude

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🔥 A New Attitude, A New Freedom

Step 7 suggests we ask God to remove all the pain accumulated from living a life of imprisonment to our own self-involvement.

“Pain is the admission price to new life. Self-centered fear chief activator of defects. Step Seven is change in attitude which permits us to move out of ourselves toward God.”

  • The 12 Steps and 12 Traditions.

The change of attitude that came to me in Step 7 was the realization that I was incapable of letting go of my pain no matter how hard I applied myself to working the program…

I have learned that if I leave the “letting go” part up to God by allowing him to remove my pain, I automatically start to move away from me and towards him.

This is my new found Step 7 attitude which I carry like a life belt every day of my life.

Moving towards God’s perfection in my imperfect state is all that is required of me one day at a time.


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