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šŸ”„ The Root of All Fear

Do you wear the world like a loose garment?ā€¦

Or do you wear it like a skin tight body suit?ā€¦

Walking this earth believing you have ownership of everything in your life is the root of most of your fearsā€¦

Once you place ownership on anything in your life, You will exist in a permanent state of fear of impending loss.

The fear of impending loss exists because we know the loss will happenā€¦

Because we have experienced loss all our lives, we know what lies aheadā€¦

And yet we still place permanent ownership on so much around usā€¦


What a horrible way to live!

The fact is we all live in a world of impermanenceā€¦

Our lives and the things in our lives are not permanentā€¦

They were never ment to be permanentā€¦

That is why we turn to God for permanenceā€¦

Want to be rid of your fear?ā€¦

Relinquish ownership and control over everything in your life except Godā€¦

And start to enjoy all the good that life has to offer without living in a constant state of loss.


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