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🔥Live a life worth living

What does accepting life on life’s terms really mean?

There are 3 guarantees about life…

Death, Taxes and hits…

Life will hit you over and over again, it will be relentless.

Whether it is emotional, physical, mental or financial the hits will keep on coming.

Expecting life to be fair will keep you sulking in self-pity.

When did life last supply you with comfort?

I wasted 35 years waiting for to be dealt life’s fair deal. It never came!

What did come were a lot of hits…

Which I met with self-pity…

That was living a wasted life.

The expectation of a perfect and comfortable life is a fairytale delusion of many. This only leads to insecurity, low self-esteem and regret.

My number one resentment was towards life, it hadn’t done for me what I had expected it to do.

For many years alcohol did for me what life wasn’t doing for me, then it turned on me too.

More reason for self-pity.

Navigating life through a spiritual program of action has taught me this:

To ACCEPT life on life’s terms.
To LIVE life on God’s terms.

God does not make terms too hard for those who seek him.

God’s terms do not include expectations, self-entitlement or self-pity.

God’s terms dictate that our past becomes our greatest asset.

The hits that come with life leave scars…

I now wear my scars proudly. The lessons learned are put into action daily. The past becomes the greatest asset not the toxic resentment.

Every day is an opportunity to show the world that no matter what happens your past becomes your greatest asset through acceptance and the lessons learned.

Be thankful for your scars, wear them proudly and enjoy a life worth living on God’s terms.

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