Are You Going To Do It?

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🔈My message for the day.

If you make a serious decision to turn away from your old way of thinking and living…

If you REALLY mean it…

Nothing can stop you.

No negativity, no depression, no failure, no one else’s BS can ever affect your progress in recovery and in life.

Just make the decision.

One more step…

One more act of service…

One more day of living your life on God’s terms and not your own…

One more day of thoroughly following the 12 Step path.

Concentrate on the task ahead and move towards God’s perfection whilst you are doing it.

Do this every time.

And I guarantee you…

You will feel like an unstoppable freight train.

The idea is simple but not easy.

The question is…

will you stick to your decision

Are you going to do it?


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