There Is Only One Way Out Of The Hole For The Alcoholic

A Sad Story With A Happy Ending

One day an alcoholic found himself stuck at the bottom of a hole that was impossible for him to climb out of on his own. He felt desperate and terrified. The hole was a result of the alcoholic’s daily struggles to climb out of the pain and anxiety he constantly found himself in. Without knowing it the harder he tried the deeper he dug. Despite his frantic efforts to climb out of the hole, the alcoholic finally reached the point of desperation and had no option but to cry out for help. Eventually a highly qualified therapist who was passing by heard the alcoholic’s cries for help and stopped, sat down by the edge of the hole and asked the alcoholic how he felt about being stuck at the bottom of the hole and if he was experiencing separation anxiety? The therapist continued asking questions and listening to answers for an hour. He then told the alcoholic that his hour was up, wrote him a bill for his services and a prescription for anti-anxiety medication and left. The alcoholic was very thankful to the specialist, but was still STUCK IN THE HOLE. He carried on crying for help. A priest happened to hear the cries from the hole and stopped by the edge. He immediately saw the problem and prayed for the alcoholic for nearly an hour and left. The alcoholic thanked him for his prayers but was still STUCK IN THE HOLE. The alcoholic continued to struggle up the hole and eventually incomprehensible demoralization took hold of him and he started experiencing suicidal thoughts. Just then a doctor happened to pass by and saw the alcoholic in distress at the bottom of the hole. He wrote the alcoholic a prescription for anti anxiety medication and sleeping pills and threw the prescription down to him and told him to get to a pharmacy as soon as he got out of the hole. The alcoholic was very grateful but was still STUCK IN THE HOLE. The alcoholic fell to his knees sobbing and started to experience the loneliness that only an alcoholic can know. This is the place where he wishes for the end!

Finally a recovered alcoholic appeared at the side of the hole. Without saying a word the recovered alcoholic jumped into the hole. The distressed alcoholic cried out “you idiot! why did you jump in, now we are both trapped in this hole!” The recovered alcoholic replied “it’s okay my friend I have been here before and I know the way out!”

The only solution to the primary disorder of alcoholism is one alcoholic helping another alcoholic. Any other method is usually doomed to failure.

Paul Nobes


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