Rhapsody Retreat Nyanga

Rhapsody Retreat Nyanga

A unique African experience in hope and healing from addiction

Located in the majestic mountainous splendor of the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, Rhapsody Retreat is a very private and exclusive oasis of hope and healing for people who suffer from primary disorders such as addiction, depression, anxiety, alcoholism, and the many other disorders human beings fall prey to along their journey in life. We offer a unique one on one experience for our clients.

The uniqueness of Rhapsody Retreat is that it is one of the first true recovery centres in Africa. We use a non-clinical model with a holistic approach to mental sobriety, physical sobriety, emotional sobriety and spiritual sobriety. Through this approach we offer recovery and life-skill services.

Our 90 day program is recovery specific which brings about a radical change on how our clients experience themselves on an interior level and how they view the world in that 90 day time period.

We teach clients the connection between food, nutrition and exercise.

We work our clients through the 12 Steps, on being answerable and responsible, and how this all ties in with not only staying sober, but living a productive and abundant life.

Our clients will be held accountable for all their decisions until the day they leave our facility. Consequences for their behaviour will be dealt out through their Step work, and they will come to grasp the concept that their problems are of their own making.

All the work done with our clients is experience orientated rather than educational. Through this our clients develop inner self-worth and inner integrity whilst being held accountable for developing the disciplines of life-skills. This has a tremendous impact on how they experience themselves and their outer world.The more comfortable an addict is in their own skin, the less chance of them returning to their addiction.

We motivate our clients to experience the concept that life is not about what you are doing in the moment, but rather enjoying what you are doing and having fun doing it. This is all about living a life worth living free of alcohol and drugs.

Oasis of Hope and Healing