Ignorance To Addiction Sparks Death

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Ignorance – The No 1 Killer of Addicts

Unfortunately addiction is the world’s number one cover up operation, dominated by misinformation, shame, guilt and ignorance to the disease.

An addict takes his/her own life and the world is appalled at the selfishness of such a tragic act of ultimate self-will.

The judgements and opinions of people run wild in condemnation of addiction and suicide.

Worst of all the usual great cover up operation commences as reports of the suicide are blamed on depression or gross emotional and mental disorders.

Never the less, the ignorance to addiction marches on and very little effort is made to educate and help people understand the epidemic of addiction that has spread through the world like a bad rash with contagious and rapid consequences of death and destruction.

As an Addict In Recovery, My Response Is This:

Have you experienced the bewilderment, terror, frustration and despair of a mental disorder so powerful it convinces you to hate yourself every minute of your life?

Have you ever experienced the incomprehensible confusion, guilt, shame and remorse over your behaviour that has disgusted your loved ones to a point of wanting to end your life every day, as you know you cannot control it, and no one can help you overcome it?

Have you ever experienced the hopelessness of knowing that the only solution to your terror and despair is another drink or drug? Nothing else works! Nothing!

Have you ever experienced the hurt, pain, loathing, contempt and fear in the eyes of your loved ones that cuts your soul like knife and consumes you with a feeling of uselessness beyond any kind of imagination?

Have you ever experienced an internal force so powerful and baffling, it has absolute power and control over your emotions, your thoughts and your actions towards others in a way that is indescribable?

Have you ever experienced the horror of a delusion which convinces your mind that one day, just maybe one day you can control your addiction despite overwhelming evidence of a your tragic history that you are screwed and doomed to die an addict death?

Have you ever experienced a restless, irritable and discontented mind that can drive you to the point of insanity, unless you are filled with the hope of the ease and comfort that a drug or drink will bring? Peace and calmness is all an addict desires but is incapable to achieve this with his own fractured and broken perspective on life.

Have you ever experienced the awful realization that you cannot live without drugs and you cannot live with drugs and all you can do is wish for the end?

Have you ever experienced addiction and all the bedevilments of this hideous disease?

The addict dies of the disease called addiction! Addiction serves up many insidious forms of death, but the ultimate cause of death is addiction, a condition of mind that tricks the addict into thinking that the chemical he is using is saving him, when in reality it is actually killing him.

Carry on hiding and denying the truth about the addict in your life. Keep on living in ignorance to the disease. Continue to hope that this will just go away one day and you are assisting in the certain death of your loved one.

It is now time to speak out about the truth of addiction. It is now time for the world to learn exactly what addiction is. It is now time for people to STOP pretending addiction is a pesky little nuisance to others around them. It is about time you ceased hiding your sick secret of your child addicted to heroin, or your brother drinking himself to death every day, or your spouse pouring cocktails of pills down their throat just to get to sleep or overcome their pain.

The longer you refuse to acknowledge there is a problem, the further your loved one will continue to progress towards the place where they wish for the end.

It’s now time to help your addict save his/her own life. What is YOUR decision going to be?

Help is at hand. Yes! We can help, but only if you are willing to cast aside everything you think you know about what’s best for your addict. You need to be fearless! We will help you with that. You will need courage we will help you with that. We will walk this journey of recovery and miracles every step of the way, all you have to do is allow the help to happen.

Paul Nobes – Author and Addictions Specialist


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